With its TV and internet offer, Orange becomes a convergent player

Our challenge

How to integrate Orange IT infrastructure and cable legacy systems?

 Orange group and one of the leading Belgian mobile operators, was looking, in 2014, to expand its offer to the TV @ Internet market

On the 1st of March this year, on the back of Belgian cable deregulation, Orange launched its Internet and TV service to all existing Orange customers and also to new ones. With this, Orange became the first operator in Europe to launch an unbundled TV offer on the historical DVBC network. Until then, the digital TV market in Belgium was a regional duopoly in the hands of 2 cable providers leading to low competition and high prices. Orange decided to launch a TV & Internet offer at a fair price. To do so one of the biggest challenges from Orange was how to integrate, smoothly, the legacy systems of the cable providers with its own IT infrastructure.

Our solution

Tucano, a successful flagship product

In order to fulfill their needs and to be able to differentiate themselves from the crowd, Orange was looking for a technology partner that would be able to offer a strong back-end which includes a strong provisioning engine capable of activating services on a DVBC network, to manage technicians, intervention planning but also EPG with a range of interactive TV features.

Our Tucano product was the natural response for Orange and at the same time allowed them to respond to this challenge in only a few months. Our product software was also the solution to link TV services to the current Mobistar infrastructure. 


A native integration stack into product software

Lashing our efforts together, with some extended customization and development, we allowed Orange to create value-added services for their customers and build up the first unbundled cable offer in Europe. Orange offers to their customers a competitive price per package, great user experience, good quality streaming and a fast bandwidth.

To launch unbundled DVBC offer in Europe
DVBC cable integrated: regional cable operators
Months to launch a stable solution (FUT)
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