Engaging the TV World

Our challenge

How to achieve a rapid success in the Argentinian market?

Wiztivi is considered the worldwide specialist in interactive user interfaces for STB, TVs and other connected devices.

With lots of UI providers on the market, our task was to create a reliable, flexible and robust open API environment, in order to allow a smooth and quick integration with any certified UI partners. For one major client, we had the opportunity to join forces with Wiztivi: Tucano was handling the back-end features while Wiztivi was delivering a new front-end TV experience: TIMELESSUI, an advanced HTML5 and multiscreen UI product

Our solution

Tucano – An easy architecture back-end platform

During the integration, Tucano platform was able to ingest all Fox Play content and making it available through Tucano Open API using Wiztivi apps. We identified two main activities. On one hand, Tucano software was able to ingest all metadata information by using Fox Play API. On the other hand, the second activity was to request the URL from the back-end in order to watch assets.

The Fox Play assets were provided to Wiztivi app through Tucano open API using its main back-end core features.


Wiztivi - the UI factory

Thanks to the flexible architecture of Tucano API, combined with state of the art UI oriented framework of Wiztivi, this collaboration provided the best user experience by delivering a highly user-friendly STB application for the Argentinian market. Together, we created a powerful back-end & front-end solution that brought the Pay-TV business in a thoroughly interactive and engaging way of inspiring and connecting people.

STB device application
Weeks to integrate Tucano API with TimelessUI
Integrated features
AlphaNetworks Dedicated

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