Would you like to build up PPV/SVoD/Live offers across all device types with multiple payment methods?


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In the recent years, the global telecom industry has faced major changes due to the evolution from old network infrastructure towards OTT market. 

The rise in OTT content consumption has triggered many media organisations to question how they will increase their revenues and how they will continue to compete with big OTT players like Netflix, Amazon or Hulu. 

With VOD/PPV/Live business models, consumers are able to choose what programming they would like to watch and essentially allows subscribers to customise their offers.

We’ve built a unique platform that provides CRM and CMS functionalities under one robust solution. Its strength lies in its ability to manage any type of content, integrate with any existing content aggregation platform and provide open APIs for any device or portal to connect with. Our product approach to addressing these issues means that we can have a fast deployment without compromising the ability to develop specific features for our clients.
Alpha Networks Victor Badin CEO of Alpha Networks

Tucano helps you to build your subscription offers on a daily, monthly, quarterly and/or yearly basis. The flexibility of the Offer management tool allows you to create attractive offers to the consumers bundling different business models at an attractive price. Using PPT/PPV business model you can launch different campaigns in order to attract more subscribers and increase your profitability.

Tucano supports a broad range of payment methods, from credit and debit cards to PayPal and mobile payments (MPesa) depending on the region-specific. Thanks to Tucano Open API, we are open to apply new and improved subscription and recurring payment methods. 

Millions of subscribers are powered by one single system, scaled and secured efficiently. Tucano system is monitored for availability and support 24/7 by global technical support stuff.

Your business is growing? Tucano is fully scalable and will smoothly adapt to your business size and needs.

Thanks to Rights Management you can assigns different profiles and user rights permissions based on your sell channels.

Using the Tucano Open API architecture, you are able to configure your offers in the back-end and integrate them with a few clicks in the user interface in order to provide the right offer, at the right time to the right customers.

Tucano, our standalone product offer a wide range of standard capabilities enable a quick launch on Pay-TV market. This includes the following modules:

  • Content management
  • Offer Management
  • Billing
  • CRM & Subscription
  • Portals configuration
  • Logistics

The communication pack is related to all the documentation sent to an end-user during his/her life cycle into the system. Tucano back-end handles the communication with the end-user using multiple channels, like e-mail, SMS, letters.

With Tucano, you have the flexibility to decide which business model to setup for each of your catalog, offering content to the end-users through Subscription VoD catalogues, Transactional VoD catalogs or Live TV, in a personalized way. additionally, it supports a broad range of payment methods, from credit and debit cards to PayPal and mobile payments (MPesa) depending on the region-specific.