Millions of customers? High SLA? Interactions with legacy infrastructure? Tucano is ready for you.


How Tucano meets your expectations

The new OTT era had also a big impact for the cable operators that have to adapt to a new business model. 

With OTT content and VoD services streaming, nowadays, consumers are continuously seeking out ways to avoid paying high amount of money for cable bundles that only allow them access to a limited number of channels, while restricting them from content that they're actually interested in viewing.

As a consequence, network operators need a robust system to ensure a smooth transition to the new market needs. 

Alpha Networks helps Orange Belgium to increase its user experience
Orange Frederic Jonard Cable IT director @ Orange

Starts with a minimum installation of one node/server, that can be easily expanded to manage, as a customer base grows you can add more severs to manage the load without disturbing the current installation.

All solution components are redundant, including load balancer, application servers, database, CAS servers. Provides high performance on Tucano servers based on its modular architecture.

Supports complex offer management, automatic subscription renewal, and automatic content ingestion. End-user related features: follow me, recommendation, payments, and vouchers

The growth of video traffic and live streaming is bringing further demands on carrier and service provider networks. In order to meet customer requirements and expectations, Tucano helps custom drivers to integrate with the customer ecosystem (transcoding equipment, DRM, external CRM, CDN)

Using Tucano, operators and content providers can bundle their existing services or promotions without costly installations or support. With our standalone product you can reach short time to market deployment

Tucano, our standalone product offer a wide range of standard capabilities enable a quick launch on Pay-TV market. This includes the following modules:

  • Content management
  • Offer Management
  • Billing
  • CRM & Subscription
  • Portals configuration
  • Logistics

This pack is able to measure the quality of the service provided to the end-users, via third  party application installed on STB, iOS/Android devices.

The communication pack is related to all the documentation sent to an end-user during his/her life cycle into the system. Tucano back-end handles the communication with the end-user using multiple channels, like e-mail, SMS, letters.

This module provides a customer support tool able to track issues reported by the user, allowing you to handle and solve the user tickets withing a specific SLA.

Tucano's Marketing pack manages the marketing campaigns through different channels, using vouchers, targeting clusters through defined business rules.

With Tucano, you have the flexibility to decide which business model to setup for each of your catalog, offering content to the end-users through Subscription VoD catalogues, Transactional VoD catalogs or Live TV, in a personalized way. additionally, it supports a broad range of payment methods, from credit and debit cards to PayPal and mobile payments (MPesa) depending on the region-specific.