Do you want to create Marketing campaigns with targeting promotions on selected customers?


Promote your content

Nobody has to prove that marketing is still very important today, however with thousands of offers emerging every day, we all need to promote the content in an effective way not only to engage potentially new customers but also to retain ad-hoc viewers and convert them into regular subscribers.
Hence, content providers and operators are seeking for different ways to sell their content by constructing various commercial offers more effectively.

We’ve built a unique platform that provides CRM and CMS functionalities under one robust solution. Its strength lies in its ability to manage any type of content, integrate with any existing content aggregation platform and provide open APIs for any device or portal to connect with. Our product approach to addressing these issues means that we can have a fast deployment without compromising the ability to develop specific features for our clients.
Alpha Networks Victor Badin CEO of Alpha Networks

To extend the Offer Management tool, Tucano is able to support you to launch interactive marketing campaigns. Using discounts, vouchers and business rules, you would be able to personalize your campaign based on your needs, such as fixed or percentage discount, FTA channels, free subscription limited period or additional services. 

Tucano offers you the possibility to stay in touch with your subscribers by various communication channels. Using letter, SMS or email, create your own templates and perform mass communication automated based on specific events.

As we are aware that we don’t speak to all customers the same way, Tucano helps you create groups of customers based on demographics, business offers and other defined created. 

Tucano, our standalone product offer a wide range of standard capabilities enable a quick launch on Pay-TV market. This includes the following modules:

  • Content management
  • Offer Management
  • Billing
  • CRM & Subscription
  • Portals configuration
  • Logistics

The communication pack is related to all the documentation sent to an end-user during his/her life cycle into the system. Tucano back-end handles the communication with the end-user using multiple channels, like e-mail, SMS, letters.

Tucano's Marketing pack manages the marketing campaigns through different channels, using vouchers, targeting clusters through defined business rules.